List of participants in Startup Access programs:



Participants of May, 2014 program: 


3D Human Anatomy AtlasThe project is aimed at creating and developing the human anatomy atlas. Our atlas is based on different sources of data such as: real anatomic material, 3D scans, clinical USI, CT, MRI scans. The project is being developed in cooperation with medical 3D-modellers, clinicians and anatomy teachers. The main advantages of this atlas in comparison to other similar programs are high reliability, detailed imaging, topographic accuracy, and descriptions of pathological conditions. The atlas has a flexible and user friendly cross-platform interface, with different modes of rendering, various saving options, and can be used for virtual body preparation and virtual surgery. The program is designed for medical, biology and art schools, as well anyone interested in studying anatomy


Innovation and Exchange   INN-EX is developing an international market for exchange of innovative projects. The market has a number of platforms: one for inventors to propose their ideas and receive investments, one for investors to find innovative and commercially attractive projects and one for leading experts from all over the world to evaluate the projects. All projects are rated based on the amount of examinations, expert rating, number of investors interested in the project, the investor rating, residence time at the Innovation Stock Exchange.


Durable Biocompatible Dentures   Our company produces affordable and durable ceramic coatings for metal dentures. This technology is extremely important for people with a monthly income of less than 17 500 rubles ($500), because the existing affordable dentures are not aesthetically pleasing and also cause allergies. Our plan is to produce about 2 million dentures annually, with sales of about 0.5 billion rubles per year (about $14.5 million) and profit of about 200 million rubles per year (about $5.75 million).






Robot Pashka   Robot Pashka is an EdTech startup, focused on assisting students manage their academics. It provides cloud scheduling for students and teachers, online educational file sharing, 24/7 access to the latest university timelines as well as push-notifications via a website, iOS, and Android. 

The service is also available at Vkontakte apps, which is the largest and most popular social network in Russia. Currently we have 10,000 active users in our region, and we plan to expand all over Russia.


Depth Guru Our company develops а hardware-software system for boaters. It is designed to solve the problem of collision with underwater obstacles for boat owners and fishermen. We are developing a high resolution map of the floor of different bodies of water (including even small lakes and distant rivers), which will assist boats in navigating. All our maps are very accurate and up to date; they are created "in the cloud", using the data from all subscribers of our system.


AKVIL Our company is developing an AquaDisplay, which uses drops, streams of water and light to create and display a variety of unique graphics, and texts.  An AquaDisplay can be used as a marketing tool in any window display or as part of an interior design, such as in show rooms, retail locations, restaurants, hotels, etc.


ImageAiry is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of earth observation services. ImageAiry uses an intelligent and proprietary search system that matches customers to appropriate vendors based on customer requirements, while also providing free price quotes.


Therefore, ImageAiry creates an efficient channel for vendors to offer their services to a qualified audience. ImageAiry’s long-term goal is to make satellite imagery services easily accessible.



Brain Selecta The majority of college students do not see their future career path. It is hard for young people to hear the voice of their individuality and to realize where their passion, skills and natural inclinations fit best. Each year 30% of all students drop the college in the first year because they feel they have made the wrong choice, which results in $171 billion of monetary losses only in USA. Later, 50% of the people report they are not satisfied with their career decision. We provide a tool, which can show what is the most appropriate career for college students.  By applying decision-making techniques investigated by cognitive science and by combining them with machine learning algorithms, we can tell if you are an artist, a teacher, an HR-specialist or whoever else.


SupremeGoal People set goals, but do not achieve what they actually want. Our tool, SupremeGoal, will help them to define, set, decompose, and achieve their goals in the most efficient way. By applying cognitive science findings, we develop a set of techniques that will substantially increase the percentage of the desired achievements.








Seeding Device Our company developed a device with precision electronic control for planting small grains. Instead of the traditional mechanical drive typically attached to a tractor, our device uses an electronic system for planting seeds in a controlled manner. The device can be used to plant seeds and to distribute fertilizer.






 We have developed an educational video game that offers a rich plot, as well as unique graphics. It is designed as a quest game with some elements of a casual game..




YooMee YooMee is a mobile application based on the concept of combining motivation fields of real and virtual worlds. The app creates an unusual type of entertainment, attracts people’s attention, and enables communication via augmented reality games. Also, this platform allows developers and event companies to make money creating their own scenarios of various games and advertising campaigns.





CallBox CallBox offers a high quality, pay-as-you-go phone service, ideal for VoIP Phones and IP-PBX systems. Clients pay for each user and line connection, as well as for each additional function. There are a number of free features such as conferences, video calls, statistics and call recordings. There are no license or renewal contracts to sign, no set-up or monthly fees.  Major advantages over other vendors are low cost and improved functionality. Currently, our team has 12 people and we have over 500 clients signed up for our service.



Cubic Robotics Our company develops VOIS – a voice operated intelligent system, as well as talking robots running on it. It has already been tested on a smart speaking car, a number of portable gadgets and an intelligent personal assistant for mobile devices. Our primary product Cubic is the first talking domestic robot, operated only with human voice. Cubic is a cloud-based, processing unit for home automation systems and a personal assistant that can evolve into a fully functional private coach and consultant. Over 2000 people have already preordered the Cubic at the price of $600.


 Meeting with friends in a metropolis, such as Moscow, New York, London, etc. can be a real hassle, especially if you are in different parts of the city. Out mobile application makes hangouts easy and fun. The app chooses the best meeting location for you and your friends based on location and various preferences users set up in their profile. We monetize the meeting spots in our database by charging the owners of these places. Additional services can be added depending on the particular meeting place, and additional revenue is generated from the commission on these services. Our main target users are dwellers of big cities, who have many friends and lead an active lifestyle. We estimate that in Moscow our user base would be about 2.5 million people.




EasyWallet Our mobile app shows users their balance on each bank card and advises them on the best financial services and products, such as credit cards, loyalty cards, etc. The offers are based on data collected about the users spending habits and places where they spend money most frequently.






Customer Canvas We have developed an online interactive designer for ecommerce websites of print service providers. The solution enables print buyers to design their own products such as business cards, calendars, t-shirts, and photo books directly on printers’ sites. It offers an intuitive user interface and is optimized both for PC and mobile devices. Customer’s Canvas can be seamlessly integrated within print ecommerce websites and provides a flexible API to support the workflow of print service providers. The solution utilizes industry proven formats for pre-designed document templates, such as Adobe Photoshop and saves results as print-ready high-res PDF files with vector text. Customer’s Canvas is able to handle extremely large formats and resolutions, natively supports CMYK and color management.


Marker Co manufactures immunohistochemical kits for detecting breast and prostate cancer The rate of cancer diagnosis is continuously growing. Around the world, 6 million new cases of malignant tumor growths are registered annually. Globally, the death toll from cancer is only second to cardiovascular disease. In the female population, breast cancer is the Number 1 malignant tumor, while in the male population, prostate cancer is 4thVarious diagnostic systems utilize immunohistochemical kits to determine tumor histogenisis on a cellular level. In addition to the precise identification of the neoplasm (this method’s accuracy exceeds the accuracy of cytology testing), immunohistochemical staining offers a unique opportunity for evaluation of  the neoplastic cells’ biological potential, rate of growth, prognosis of a tumor’s progression, and reaction to chemotherapy and hormonal treatment. Currently, these immunohistochemical kits are complex and expensive – the price for a kit that contains 25-35 tests is $3,000.

Our company has developed a much simpler method for detection without compromising effectiveness, which lowers the cost of a kit 3-5 times. Specifically, our kit contains reagents for the immunohistochemical detection of estrogen and progesterone receptors, as well as HER 2 for diagnosing breast and prostate cancer 

 Our company tests, develops and produces a number of technological solutions and products, based on polysaccharide microgels (BioMicroGels®) to purify water and solid matter from oils, ions of heavy metals. We also assist in eliminating emergency spills of petroleum products from the surface and from inside the water, with the possibility of returning petroleum and re-cultivation of the affected soil. Our team’s extensive scientific, industry and research experience enables us to approach each problem individually and meet the most stringent ecological standards.





Participants of Dec, 2013 program: 


Fairwaves is a new kind of a telecom vendor, tailored to serve small mobile operators in low-income areas. We manufacture our own equipment and provide the lowest cost turn-key solutions to build mobile networks. Fairwaves provides a solution, which allows you to build a mobile network that would be profitable even at $1/month revenue per user. The network scales from a single base station to a country-wide network. We use VoIP protocols to connect calls and send SMS and thus, it is also much easier to operate than a traditional GSM network.

GMK Innovation develops software that assists with large-scale commercial construction project optimization and object location planning. Our software assists in solving the following problems: identifies errors before they are detected during the stage of construction, low visibility of design solutions, managing multiple participants of the construction project, adding/changing documentation. We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, multi-criteria optimization, and 3D mapping-modeling. Every user will have access to a centralized database, where he can communicate with others, make suggestions, and monitor the building process.

Interactiff project is a SaaS platform that allows you to create dialog systems, quests and quizzes for advertising, entertainment, education, online assistants and expert systems for your business. It’s the very first intuitive builder of nonlinear quests. Through you can order a widget for your business or subscribe to a service that guides you in creating your own widgets, which you can use on your website (on-line consultations, calculator of credits etc.) or on another (advertising widget, which does not require your client go to the site and allows it to place directly). With simple manipulations you can develop a virtual widget master that can run simultaneously with tens of thousands of users.

Gemakor specializes in the development, manufacture and implementation into clinical practice of a unique medical device for laboratory diagnostics of the blood coagulation system. The device (Thrombodynamics Analyser) is able to record spatial dynamics of clotting growth in a thin layer of unstirred blood plasma, as well as measure all spatial - dynamic parameters of clot formation of a particular person - the quality of the clot, its rate of growth, etc. – i.e. test has a great predictive power. The technology and device can be relevant in the following medical specialties: cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, obstetrics, oncology, hematology, and traumatology.

Penxy helps experts and conference organizers expand and monetize their online audience. It is a new way to record your speakers’ slide presentations as “talking slides.” These slides are much easier and cheaper to create, while they also offer an improved experience for the attendees. This includes: 1. the ability to jump directly to the parts of the presentation they’re most interested in 2. engaging, full-resolution slides and excellent sound quality 3. access to recordings on any device within minutes instead of days.

Light Flow is working on a prototype of a hardware system for monitoring the production of hydrocarbons. The final product will be a package of equipment and related software for data processing and analysis, and a digital integration system for the client's SCADA. The system offers the following advantages: 1. Continuous flow rate estimation 2. Ongoing coverage of the well production. 3. Very high time resolution, ideal for well production management and data analysis, 4. Default SCADA Integration and basic production workflow implementation. 5. High range of gas-oil ratios compared to separators. Other projected advantages of the system are low operating cost, high level of information compared with traditional devices, extensive customization capabilities to any configuration of group metering systems, and a competitive price per well.

Agrohelp is a consulting company in the agrarian sector, providing a wide range of services that are aimed at helping farmers receive government funding, improve productivity, and as a result increase profit. Our specialists assist farmers in collecting all the necessary documentation and in writing proporsals to secure government funding. We also consult on all issues related to production optimization, such as estimation and control of housing conditions for animals, animal productivity, compilation of feed rations, introduction of new animal breeds and varieties.

BetHelper is a brand that includes a number of products related to sports betting. With the results of our work, we are proving that betting can be a serious investment opportunity like Forex or the stock market. BetHelper is intended not only professional punters, giving them all the necessary tools for better performance, but also for the rookies, who are eager to start earning money with sports analysis.




Easy Ten is a mobile app that helps busy people study a foreign language in a personalized, fun and time-efficient way, by giving them 10 most relevant new words to learn daily. We make learning as natural as checking email by dividing a 1-hour lesson into short flexible blocks that can be easily taken during the day. The app is scalable, while at the same time it is automated, and customizable for any language pair (like English-Russian, Spanish-English, etc.). In the first five months we had 250K downloads from Russia with $0,20 ARPU. The business model is B2B2C (connecting those who study foreign language with those who teach it).

EnterIdeas LLC developed a professional, simple and affordable solution for mobile full dome theaters and planetariums. "AlOne" is a unique uni-body multi-projector system that provides picture quality equivalent to large, fixed full dome projection systems. The system’s key benefits include: 1. Exceptional resolution and brightness for its form factor. 2. An all-in-one solution, which includes: 4 projectors, Octopus media server, and an auto-calibration system 3. Highly precise projection calibration. 4. Apple iPad based control panel enables you to present from any place and interact with your audience easily. 5. Immersive 5.1 digital sound. 6. Comes equipped with specially designed tilted inflatable or vacuum domes D=5-10 m.

Real Speaker develops a solution that significantly increases the accuracy of voice recognition. Our technology is able to conduct a parallel analysis of audio and video stream, including: identification of the speaker, verification from the overall speech, smart speech fragmentation. Our technology is integrated into Google Voice Search Speech Recognition Engine and supports different languages: Russian, English (British and American), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Ukranian, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. We are running a desktop version on Widons OS as well as a mobile version based on Android OS. According to our last testing results, RealSpeaker - is the most accurate speech recognition system. We have 2 IPs today in the US and Russia. Our company works Samsung, LG, Toyota, Itochu and others corporations. To date, we have over 15k active users.

Participants of May, 2013 program:


DressFormer is a B2B/B2C platform technology allowing the user to virtually try on clothing prior to purchase, and to receive personal or professional feedback. The virtual fitting rooms are based on photorealistic 3D avatar & 3D models created from 2 photos of the clothing providing accuracy within 1 cm precision. Dressformer's fitting technology increases profitability of retailers by addressing fitting & likability simultaneously, hence reducing returns - better and faster than competing approaches.

Sqiwy is next generation platform for use in hotels, restaurants and other places, which includes set of rich interactive services for hotels and restaurants guests. It allows customers to use all facilities in the user's native language using personal profiles. Sqiwy operates in unique multitouch tables, tablets and info panels, and it can be installed as an application to the majority of the mobile devices.

FittingReality is developing a cloud-based virtual fitting room. Our mission is to make this service efficient, user-friendly and affordable for retailers of all sizes. For customers this means a unique controllable and interactive shopping experience solving their FIT/SUIT dilemma. Fitting Reality addresses the very basics of online retail industry through creating new standards of tomorrow’s fashion retail.

Project ScratchDuino consists of two parts: the Laboratory and the Roboplatform (Robotics Framework). It is based on free and open source software and hardware (such as Arduino, MIT Scratch, Lazarus, etc). The Laboratory aims to provide basic education and to encourage experimentation in the fields of Physics and Robotics for high school and college level students. The Roboplatform enables users to design, program and remote control robots.

Due to open source and free or low-cost parts software we use in our platform, it is available for all students, including ones who are socioeconomically disadvantaged. The platform is designed to be simple, easy to learn and to use, while allowing the user to achieve excellent results: students can create robots and develop programs that will control them and command them to fulfill various tasks and projects. The software component of our project is based on cross-platform tools and solutions. ScratchDuino may be used for educational and research projects.

Do.Docs is a SaaS-service enterprise content management (ECM), for employees of small and medium-sized businesses. The service is convenient and simple to understand, allowing users to organize the flow of documents through tags, communication links and an access system.

ManiacTools is an independent software development company founded in 2000. It creates user-friendly and feature-rich multimedia solutions for home users and for industry professionals. Popular products include: movie organizer, ID3 tag editor, and others.

SlideSpeak – mission is to revolutionize education by achieving a higher level of information processing and providing easy and fast access to knowledge worldwide. We have developed a smart technology that synchronizes slides with the presenter’s speech. Moreover, we are going to build a popular sharing service of voice supported presentations. This service will be available 24/7 for individuals, such as students, as well as businesses, allowing users to cooperate and share information. The service offers online streaming and supports downloading presentations for offline viewing.

Uniscan-Research – Uniscan-Research LLC (was established in 2011). At present main activities of Uniscan-Research LLC are research and development in medical machine building, software products (including algorithms for signal processing) and wide range of R&D works on a contract basis. In 2011 Uniscan-Research LLC became a participant of the Cluster Nuclear Technologies of Skolkovo Foundation. is a service that gives you all the tools you need to set up your own Internet Radio or TV station. It enables you to broadcast live, utilizing playlists and interactively bring viewers and listeners on the air. It provides means of managing your virtual studio including multiple camera control and playlist editing. The system also features automatic reports for copyright-protecting organizations. The internet channel could be a revenue source via subscription sales or ad placement. This is a cloud service based on Open Source Software provided on SaaS, and it could be scaled to any bandwidth and hosted in a private, public or hybrid cloud.

BlueSkyLab developed a wet-type scrubber that removes harmful gases and particles from the smokestacks of electric power plants or air in hydrometallurgy processes, before they enter the atmosphere. The US is a global leader in producing energy from coal and in combating pollution by developing green technologies. In 2012, the EPA announced new requirements for levels of air pollution emitted by power plants, which have to modernize their cleaning systems to meet these new requirements by 2015. Our cleaning solution achieves 99,5% effectiveness, while the most effective technologies currently used for wet cleaning are only 94-98% effective. Only electrostatic cleaners offer 99,5% effectiveness, but they are more expensive in set-up and in service. BlueSky technology is based on the physics of gas movement in liquid, i.e. it means higher effectiveness, lower price, infrequent service, and less water utilized during service. Blue Sky Scrubber can be utilized in a wide range of applications, where the goal is to make clean and affordable energy.

Qadmon is a service for offline retailers, which collects statistics about their customer's behavior in the store. We provide data about the items that customers interacted with without buying, the most popular areas and movement directions inside the store, queue wait times, and other similar data. We do this by analyzing the video feed from the stores' security cameras using our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms. Unlike our competitors, we analyze the video on the cloud. The centralized computing and data storage allow us to design algorithms for detecting much more complex actions, and provide more detailed statistics. In addition, it simplifies the installation for our customers.


Participants of October, 2012 program:


LangPrism is an internet based tool for translating web content. Inspired by the goal of making the Internet truly multilingual, users can translate any web page into another language and it will be automatically available to all LangPrism users and in Social Networks (everyone on the world-wide web). Users can become part of an engaging translators’ community, where they can view translated content, translate their own, have a translator’s rating, participate in contests and win prizes.

To learn more about LangPrism, visit:

Rexla is an on-line software-ecosystem, which aims to express the true value of a  brand, by identifying its unique features. Rexla offers simple and flexible professional tools that can be integrated within (self-developing website development environment), as well as an open API for third party modules development. There is also an option to implement web-based projects of various levels of complexity using factory-set or independently developed software units.

Inversion Sensor develops a low-cost linear temperature sensor based on optical fiber for distributed measurements and fire safety applications. The optical fiber cable acts as a linear temperature sensor (up to 10km), that can be used as a fire alarm for extended objects (tunnels, conveyors, mines, etc). Our product is blast-proof, and immune to EMI. Due to original design, the control unit does not include costly fiber components, making it more cost-efficient in comparison to other sensors.

NPO SODIS Laboratory develops new technologies in the field of structural monitoring and building safety. Our products include: the design, installation and maintenance of building monitoring systems, the design, installation and maintenance of building services (MEP), mathematical modeling and analysis of structural systems and Building Information Modeling (BIMA). Additionally, the Laboratory developed a unique collaborative multi-platform business tool, which is being marketed as Lement.

MirrorBird develops a new type of advertisement tools that are most effective for advertisers and most relevant for consumers. MirrorBird is a unique product that uses a mirror as a screen to display gender – oriented commercials. The administration panel enables the advertiser to control and monitor the advertising campaign via the Internet: upload videos, pay, gather statistics reports, and more. Advertisers can economize on the demonstrations because they pay just for advertisements that have been seen by their target audience. To learn more about our products, visit: MirrorBird brand belongs to the Unikom S.A.R.L. based in Luxembourgh.

IBS&S, LLC develops a robust remote speaker recognition system for wireless multimedia services. Our patented technology guarantees very high speaker recognition accuracy in the sense of False Acceptance and False Rejection Rates (it has been confirmed by independent tests). Our target markets are online-banking and electronic money systems, where our solution would provide an additional level of security for online transactions and prevent fraud like “fishing” or social engineering. We are also exploring applications of the system in other markets, such as eCommerce, Social Networks. is a platform that enables any online or offline b2c business to gain greater exposure, reach out to new customers and increase the social value of their products or services. The platform helps drive customer loyalty and motivates existing customers to recommend the company to their friends. 

Institute for Atherosclerosis Research - We have developed a principally novel method for genetic diagnostics of individual predisposition to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, which has no analogues in the world. Its application will provide precise identification of those persons at the highest risk of early development of atherosclerosis; this can be done at a fairly young age. Timely prevention of disease in such focused groups of individuals will crucially decrease mortality from coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction. Based on our basic and clinical research findings, within the frame of Skolkovo project we develop products with high potential for commercialization, like diagnostic kits, as well as hardware and software complex for data collection and interpretation. This project involves the leading world-famous Russian researchers in the field of atherosclerosis, and also ambitious young scientists well educated in the fields of biology, medicine, biophysics, biotechnology, and IT-technology.

Participants of February, 2012 program:

ProverimCom Ltd has developed an innovative digital report system that can be utilized by schools to effectively monitor and analyze students’ academic performance. The technology is also able to share data about students’ performance with parents, creating more effective and efficient lines of communication between schools and families. The system has been successfully used in the Krasnoyarsk public schools system since 2007. Currently the company aims to expand the sales of the system to public schools in other Russian, Mongolian and Kazakh cities.

Top Voting Technology Ltd. Tis a new player at the World IP market. It provides solutions to the internet projects that want to implement ratings on any type of content and gather quality and impartial user reviews on their products or services.

Magru The company developed a technological platform that allows everyone to create, publish, store and share your own (or your business) digital documents on the Internet. Similar to Youtube for videos, this platform is an innovative searchable compilation of e-publications: books, magazines, newspapers, presentations and personal documents. Users can publish and find documents based on their interests, collect them to their own digital library, discuss or share with friends.

Medical electronics is a small seed stage enterprise active in the development of medical equipment for diabetics. Our key competences are development of optical and electronic systems, applications software and research in field of non-invasive blood analysis. The company aims to produce and sell individual glycemic control equipment (non-invasive glucometers) for diabetics based on our own proprietary technology.

Expasoft The company’s motto is data mining - available to everyone. Founded in 2010, our goal is to make data analysis available to everyone utilizing the concept of cognitive data mining. This concept was initially pioneered by the Russian Academy of Science and then further developed by our company to be used in high-technology industrial applications. The team has doctoral level expertise in the field of cognitive data mining research, works closely with Novosibirsk National Research State University, and actively participates in research projects in cooperation with the Russian Academy of Science.The company has developed an original software library of data mining algorithms. Our first commercial sales total $ 50K for three projects. Expasoft, LLC We also lead a PR-project on applying data mining algorithms to analyze the behavior of social networks users.At present we have already received a number of proposals for cooperation in the fields of medicine, bio-informatics, telecommunications, marketing, social surveys, staffing, etc.We are also working on the development of SaaS data analysis platform (first release in February 2012). The platform is designed to make reasonable decisions based on a multi-factor data analysis.

Epitec Our company’s goal is the development of a peptide anticancer vaccine for domestic animals. In spite of a great number of cancer preparation and treatment modes, that are already in existence, the problem of efficient cancer therapy has not been solved. Our target peptide vaccine aims to overcome 2 main problems of cancer vaccine creation - to avoid immunological tolerance and to provide forming of immune response only at protectant epitope of target tumour markers. At present time prototyping as well as market research have been completed. Pre-clinical innocence trials with ailing animals have been conducted, and vaccine efficiency has been proven by laboratory research and testing. In the next six months, certification, and the launch of serial production will be realized. Positive results of domestic animals therapy will be ground for beginning clinical vaccine trials for humans.

AR2Life is a company in a new market of augmented reality products, promising to be $1,5B total size in 2015*. AR2Life solutions are based on our unique marker-less natural object recognition technology for augmented reality.
We will start from bespoke augmented reality solutions for glossy magazines and their advertisers, while building a web-platform where everyone's life can be augmented.
* Source: Juniper Research

CoFiTe The company "Cognitive Financial Technologies" develops software for trading on financial markets in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries. In autumn 2008 the company entered the market for the Russian stock traders offering its line of products - LiveTrade™, which includes an order management system LiveTrade™, professional software package for brokers LiveTrade™ BrokerServer with FIX connector, and tools for scalping and algorithmic trading. The main principles of the company are superior quality, innovative solutions and personalized approach to each client. During 2012, CoFiTe plans to enter new markets with the support of Seed Fund of the Russian Venture Company and Venture Partner "Minerva Capital Partners".!/CoFiTe_news

Balakam LLC specializes in research and development in the field of web search technologies. The company is developing a smart search service aimed at finding live media streams in the global web. The search engine will enable users to browse the Internet and find TV, radio channels and web cameras transmitting live audio and video content over the Internet. The patented technology dramatically enhances the speed and effectiveness of live media web browsing by yielding high relevancy search results.The service will be commercially available in 2012.


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