StartUp Access is a boutique consulting and marketing strategy agency, serving early-stage companies in the areas of technology, healthcare, and Internet services. We are passionate about entrepreneurship, and believe that by promoting it we create an inspired society where individuals recognize their roles in defining their future, and are empowered to maximize the impact of what they do.
That is where we come in to share our own experiences, as well as connect you with an international entrepreneurial community to catalyze the launch and growth of your company. We help you answer such questions as: How to start your company from scratch, How to make enough noise to get noticed and How to create a sustainable business development strategy and continue to grow.

To accomplish the above we:

  • Help establish and maintain a working dialogue and knowledge transfer among entrepreneurs worldwide
  • Provide educational and mentoring opportunities in the U.S. for Russian entrepreneurs
  • Showcase early-stage companies locally and nationally

If you need help with taking your company off the ground, bringing it to the next level or attracting investors, you should consider joining our two-week incubator program in Boston, MA. The next session is scheduled for December 2014. As part of this program, we connect you with all the key players of the MIT/Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem and provide access to mentor services by successful international serial entrepreneurs and investors.

To learn more details about StartUp Access, our two-week incubator program or other past and upcoming events, please visit our Events page.

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